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Emily Pakulski

Power Pirate

Emily Pakulski is the guitarist and singer for Washington DC's Power Pirate.

Emily began playing the guitar at age 12 on an old classical guitar. She learned basic chords from her mother and then continued progressing by learning rock music from YouTube. In 2007, at age 13, Emily formed Power Pirate with two friends.

Power Pirate released their debut album, "Plane Ticket," in the spring of 2010. Emily used her B.C. Rich NJ Classic Series Bich in the recordings. The band was also invited to perform at the 2010 NAMM Show earlier that year to take part in a nationwide high school band competition, where Emily was recognized with the award for ‘best guitarist.’

The band is determined to employ a D.I.Y. (Do It Yourself) philosophy by recording and producing their music at home, as well as doing their own graphic design, photography, promotion, and booking.

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