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Mags McCarthy

Solo Artist

Mags McCarthy is a lovely young vocalist, dancer and multi-instrumentalist raised on her family's farm in County Cork, Ireland. Her music education began at age four when she was first introduced to Irish dancing.
During her life, she has studied a variety of dance styles as well as musical instruments, eventually focusing on the fiddle. In 2006, Mags joined the world-renowned Irish dance troupe, Rhythm of the Dance. During the next three years, she played for literally millions throughout 39 countries as the principal lead in the show.

One talent, unique to her, is being able to perform Irish traditional tap while playing violin at the same time! In addition to ongoing charitable pursuits, over the years she has earned countless awards and accolades in all aspects of music. After performing for President and First Lady Michelle Obama at the White House in March 2009. Mags completed her music degree at University College Cork.

With violin in hand, she then traveled to Los Angeles, Ca. with her manager to pursue her long-standing dream of a pop career. An accomplished songwriter, in combining her beautiful cross over voice and her own self styled fusion of Irish, hip hop and contemporary dance styles, she is currently working towards the release of her first pop-rock album and video.

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