BC Rich Dream Shop

What is the Dream Shop?
You dream it. We build it. You rock it! It’s really that simple! When the time arrives and you must have the Handcrafted B.C. Rich of your dreams and desires, this is the place to fully realize B.C. Rich guitar and bass lust.

How does the Dream Shop work?
Just like ordering a new car, it’s important to note that B.C. Rich Dream Shop Handcrafted Guitars must be ordered through an Authorized B.C. Rich Handcrafted Dealer.

Once you design your guitar or bass, and turn it over to your dealer, they’ll quote you a price. Once your order enters our Handcrafted Shop, we’ll put it in the queue. You can expect wait times from six to twelve months for your custom build. Supply availability, or other uncontrollable kinks in the build process can move this time frame either way which requires occasional changes to planned delivery dates.

Dream Shop Bich

Do you have your guitar of lust in your brain but can't seem to get it on paper? No problem! For fuel to fire up your design creativity, we’ve provided a photo Idea Gallery of some of our past builds. We’ve also included four basic levels of features and construction to help you set the all-important cornerstone of your build.